以慈心祝福取代您的擔憂。Replace your worries with loving-kindness blessings.

2017年7月24日 星期一

Paint your life with gratitude 常懷感恩心的油畫師

Life, is like a blank canvas awaiting you and those around you to illustrate your story.

If you're lucky enough, you will meet many world-class artists that create astonishing work. Although, do not be upset if you do not meet good artists. 

What can you do if you come across someone who ruins your painting?

Since you are one of the painters of your life, why not develop your creativity to repaint or do something with your life’s canvas?

Rejoice if you come across a good painter, yet, be appreciative if you do not.

Always bear in mind, no one is perfect in your work of illustration, including yourself. What you can do, is to collaborate with others, and do your best.

Hence, always paint whatever you can and whatever you want with gratitude.


2017年7月23日 星期日

Replace Ignorance-contacts with True Knowledge

Dharma Contemplation on Meditation (Part 03)
Diamond Sutra

That is a RIVER separates THE OTHER SHORE from this (near) shore.

One day, A WISE MAN tells us, “You have to escape from this near shore because you have been tracing and following by POISONOUS SNAKES for a long long time. Those poisonous snakes will take away your life anytime, anywhere with no notification.”

So, we take the wise man's advice and run to a VILLAGE, which have 6-houses but nobody is there.

“Those riverside mansions are good place to dwell on......” we taught and ready to move in.

However, the wise reminds us again, “Never assume that empty village as a stable and peace place to settle down. Those houses belong to very violent and fiercest thieves. Once they back, they will torture you viciously.

I suggest you to go to the nearby BAMBOO GROVE, look for 8 pieces of thick and strong bamboos and make yourself a bamboo raft.

Then, improve your swimming and RAFTING skill.
Go to The Other Shore diligently.

The Other Shore is indeed the peaceful and safety place where you can really settle down and free from all kinds of affliction.”

2017年7月21日 星期五


《學佛三要》<二、生生不已之流>說到:「佛法著重在一一人類,著重在一一有情識活動的有情。肯定每一 人,每一有情,成一生命單位,在三世的因果中,不斷的延續,不斷的死而又生。因此,有人誤會佛法是多元論。」這裡的「多元論」指的是什麼?

  1. 一元論:主張宇宙的組成只源於單一元素。
  2. 二元論:主張宇宙須由二種元素方能構成,如心與物、光明與黑暗。
  3. 多元論:主張宇宙由多種元素方能構成,如地水火風、金木水火土。




2017年7月20日 星期四

Reciting Namo Avalokiteshvara

You say in your Notes on the Lotus Sutra (Lesson 01):
To break out of the inner jail (dwelling in the past/not able to forgive oneself or others)
Pick a practice / 15-30 minutes a day
Can you explain what the practices are that I can pick from and how to do the one I pick?

In my 1st talk, I introduced chapter 25 in Lotus Sutra to the audience.

That chapter suggested the practice of "reciting the name of Avalokiteshvara" to get rid of all kinds of affliction. That's the same method we did in the "Contemplation on the Virtues of the Sangha".

In this case, instead of reciting "Namo Sanghaya", you should contemplate the name of Avalokiteshvara by reciting "Namo Avalokiteshvara" in your mind (for about 10-15 minutes).

During the class, I was also suggested a way of practice which focuses on the breath while contemplating the name of Avalokiteshvara simultaneously.

For instance, when worrying about something/someone......
(Contemplate the name of) Avalokiteshvara while breathing in,
(Released all worries out of our body and mind) while breathing out,
Exhale......let go of all the worries.
Practice for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or more.

Some people like to have background music.
If you would like a traditional Chinese hymn of Avalokiteshvara, here a 20+ minutes video clip: Chinese Version Click Here

turn it on, sit comfortably, listen thoroughly and recite with it in your mind (or sing it out).

Here, another hymn of Avalokiteshvara with western musical instruments, nearly 25 minutes: Plum Village Chant Click Here

So, pick one of the practices from the above suggestions, whichever is more  suitable for your inner need, and start the Mindfulness Mode.

Enjoy practice !

  1. Pronunciation: Avalokiteshvara [uhv-uh-loh-ki-teysh-ver-uh] Click Here
  1. CLICK HERE FOR FULL PRESENTATION: 2017-07-09 Compassionate Forgiveness